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Posted 1 year ago

My mother always told me

that I would be a good mother

once the day came. That some

man would fall from the heavens

and swoop me from me sore

feet. What my mother doesn’t

understand now, that since her

absence I have tore off the 

stitches from every man I 

have met. A child, a part

of me that I cannot control

would be catastrophic. I 

couldn’t give birth to a being

then let it grow away from me.

Anyone that has had the

dissatisfaction of meeting me

should know that I could never

let anybody close, for fear of

being left in the dust. If I can’t 

handle an I.M. from a girl 

named Velerica to a boy that

I have only let trace my scars,

then hold could I deal with my

blood in another, walking

into traffic. 

Posted 1 year ago

why am i even going out
also gay



what i did in graphic design class today is

oh my god I laughed way harder at this than i should have